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Friday, November 12, 2010


I started a Daybook entry on Monday and never finished. A huge part of what I was feeling and thinking about was my oldest child's sixteenth birthday. Today.

Oh how I love the young woman she has become. She is quiet and observant but strongly opinionated. She's quirky with a set of likes and dislikes all her own. Sixteen years ago I could not imagine how quickly time would fly. Its the only bittersweet thing about the day for me. Where did all those years go? Are we really so very close to her moving out into the world?

She was gone last weekend. She went on a trip, on her own, to New York City. A huge thank you again to my brother and sister-in-law for the wonderful time they showed her. She loved every minute of it. At home we missed her. When she got home. Johnny spent the better part of this week following Maddy around, asking her to do things with her, randomly hugging her legs. Oh sweet boy, I know just how you feel, only I remember my little girl following me around, asking me to read to her, hugging my legs.

But really, I am very happy today and forever grateful to God for the gift of this beautiful girl that started this great adventure of mother hood.

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