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Monday, November 15, 2010

Foggy Morning Daybook

Right now...still attempting to wake teens. Found Johnny playing in the bathroom by the toilet when I thought he was downstairs with his sisters. I'm giving up on school this morning and tending to groceries and the house. Amazing how a busy weekend outside the home still takes its toll inside the home.

A little later...grocery store (argh, don't get me wrong, the weekend was lovely, but I do love getting the food shopping done on Saturday or Sunday, with Dave), ballet, maybe soccer. Basketball is coming in two weeks and we'll have a whole new rhythm to contend with.

Later this week...library, car repairs, maybe a soccer practice, co-op, Harry Potter premiere (Dave and the big kids) , Anna gets awarded her purple belt, one more celebration for Maddy (dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant), and the Feast of Christ the King (one of my favorites).

I'm pondering...How about this? I realized this week that just a few minutes of my time (as in less than 5) applying very simple makeup (a mineral pressed powder, tiny bit of concealer, a finishing powder and a little color on my lips) makes me look, well, better. And I like it. This is a big deal because I hate makeup. Hate. I NEVER wear it. But did I mention I now have a 16 year old? Yeah. (I got this, only the one marked Fair, at Target. Liked it because its talc free. Don't use the blush really, still think blush looks silly on me.
In the schoolroom...Slow and steady, we continue to work.

I am grateful...that my grandmother could be here for Maddy's 16th birthday and the chance meeting up with a friend at brunch yesterday who was actually in the room, helping me labor and deliver when she was born. 

Living the Liturgy...the Nativity Fast (Philip's Fast)  starts today (or is it technically last night?) for the Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics. Latin Rite celebrates Christ the King on Sunday. I'll share a handout sometime this week. I have several children baptized on this feast, so its extra special here. Eastern Rite and Orthodox celebrate the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple on Sunday. Lots to think, pray and feast on!

In the kitchen...honestly, I'm feeling so blah about cooking these days. I'm trying to satisfy myself with the knowledge that I'm cooking healthy meals every night and making use of planning. Honestly, I would love to get a little creative with more vegetarian fare (I have soooo many cookbooks to choose from) but Dave usually balks when I do what he calls "experimenting". Sigh. If it were up to me and Carmen we'd try all sorts of new and delicious fare. Kay is turning into a bit a foodie as well. Sitting through dinner with her proclaiming my praises is a treat.

Johnny...is working hard to break Aggie's record for being referred to as "the destroyer of worlds". My goodness, this little boy finds all sorts of crazy ways to get himself into trouble.

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KC said...

I use primer when I wear makeup which is not very often.

I think it's interesting that both you and Elizabeth Foss wrote about makeup in your daybooks. :)