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Monday, November 01, 2010

All Saints Daybook

Right now...breakfast is under way for all the little ones...excuse me while I start the coffee...done.

A little later...I must buy food. A combination of busy weekend and feeling ill from a cold means no grocery store happened this weekend. I'm still not feeling great because I'm quite sure I over did it this weekend, but we've stretched as far as we can. I can tell because two of my girls are eating left over sub rolls with creamed honey for breakfast.

Later this week...Not too much. Much is hinging on Carmen making the All-Star team because that will bring a whole new practice schedule. This past weekend was her last regular season game. They won!!!! Their first win. We drop Maddy at my parent's on Thursday and then early Friday morning, she's off to New York. She's so excited. I'm just a little anxious.
I'm pondering...the ridiculous things that are bringing me to tears lately. Seriously, the fresh tarragon I bought got thrown away, Carmen mentioning her wedding, Carmen playing soccer, Kay so crazy happy on her birthday, Maddy helping her little sister trick-or-treat...

In the schoolroom...Still mostly clean, though have you ever noticed if you clear a horizontal surface, it seems to just be begging for stuff to get stacked up on it. I'm looking forward to a much simpler week at home.

I am grateful...for the Youth Group at my parish. Our Youth Minister finds a great balance between cultivating a spiritual life and relationship with God and creating a fun, safe environment for kids to just be themselves. Friday was all about fun. They rented some laser tag equipment and set up the back parking lot with obstacles. There were fire pits, pizza, hot dogs and smores. My girls had a great time.

Living the Liturgy...All Saints and All Souls! How wonderful to be surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses!

I'm praying...for all the faithful departed in my family.

In the kitchen...we'll see what inspires me at the store today. I want to try something new this week.

Johnny...I'm pretty sure he's weaned himself :( His nursing had gotten to once a day and very short. A few nights ago at bedtime he asked to nurse. He did for about thirty seconds, stopped, looked up at me with an odd look and said, "I no nurse mama." And I think that was really it. He hasn't asked since then.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the Johhny weaning thing makes *me* cry...so I'm right there with you!