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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Festival Daybook

Right now...girls playing a game on the floor next to me, kids finishing breakfast, and I don't hear or see the teens at all which means they may have vanished to their caves to steal some more sleep.

In a little while...after the kitchen is cleaned up and some laundry is started, we'll start some schoolwork. I'm hoping to get at least some good reading, Bible Study and math truly incorporated into our busy Mondays. 
This week...I'm not really sure, haven't even looked at my calendar. Oh, I know, we're headed out to the monastery in Berryville on Friday. Hoping for a colorful drive. Looking forward to praying with the monks. And I'm tickled how this little outing sort of fits into the Middle Ages studies we are beginning, especially since this week we'll be focusing on St. Benedict.

I'm pondering...a thread on Charlotte Mason in a large family over at Kind Conversation. I posted rather quickly the other day and I really want to go back and finish my thoughts.

In the schoolroom...still messy. Sigh. Very excited about the Middle Ages studies. Lots of lovely books to read. And everyone, except one child will be studying the same thing. Yay! 

I am grateful...for the perfect fall weather on Saturday. We spent the day at a local farm's fall festival. My sister's family was here from Georgia. What a treat to see Anna and Kay with their little cousin Antonio between them, holding hands, flying down a huge slide, squealing with delight. We love all the cousins so much. We'll miss the Stells. It is hard to say goodbye.

Living the Liturgy...Great homily yesterday, though as usual, I only caught bits and pieces. Father tied the the Old and New Testament reading by showing us that Christ replaces Moses, who arms are then held up by the wood of the cross. And of course, the cross gains us the ultimate victory over sin and death.

I'm praying...for Uncle Tom.

In the kitchen...Pumpkin anything and everything!

Johnny...Just as I was worried he wasn't talking enough, he's had a little language explosion over the past few weeks. Suddenly my little man can say and tries to say so many words. Yesterday, as I got him ready for church I told him we needed to find his shoes. "Oosh" he says and happily signs. So cute!

Picture Thought...Hold that thought, need to get the pictures from Saturday off Maddy's camera.

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