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Monday, February 01, 2010

Daybook: More Snowy Days Edition

Right now...Nursing and typing. Just returned from Maddy's Spanish class where the poor girl had an attack of test anxiety and fears she did not do as well on her test as she knew she could have.

A little later...Ballet and basketball.

Speaking of basketball....Poor Lilly. She was looking forward to playing on her birthday (and winning). Alas, the snow shut everything down. We did however have a lovely dinner of her favorite things, salmon cakes and creamy cauliflower soup. I find this amusing since she is so picky, but these are the two things she really loves.

Later this week...Tae Kwon Do, basketball, Co-op and more.

Live the Liturgy...Feast of the Presentation tomorrow. One of my very favorites. And special now because it was meant to be Johnny's due date. I think we'll decorate some candles. Happily, I discovered I already have all the supplies necessary.

Keeping the home...My poor schoolroom is badly in need of attention, but it feels overwhelming. I think I'll tackle it one bookcase at a time. Laundry needs lots of work this week as well. Should have focused on more this weekend. But John gave me some very rough nights, especially on Saturday when he was essentially awake from 12am to 8am. You can imagine this left me rather fatigued.

From the kitchen...I have lots of stuff in the freezer and pantry to cook with, just need to carefully plan it out. Highlights for this week should be sweet and sour pork stir fry, flank steak and sweet potatoes, chicken...something, um....see, need to think this through.

Thankful for...My parents safe return. I am so spoiled, living close. I miss them when they're gone.

Praying for...A local friend on bed rest for the next 3 weeks to keep her little babe tucked in safe.

Reading...need to find something good.

Creating...Order in my home.

From the schoolroom...I have a good plan in place. Simple. Uncluttered. Reading and narrating from a few choice books.

Picture Thought...
This is from late September. I can see how much John has already changed. He certainly has more hair.This is a classic John expression. And the eyes. Oh my, they're irresistible.

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