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Monday, January 25, 2010

Daybook: Routines and Rhythms Edition

Right now...Nursing and typing. I can hear something loud and silly happening in the basement. Love the sound of my big kids and little kids sharing in the same fun.

A little later...Basketball practice for Sam. Dave is home early, but not feeling to great, so I may have to do the driving...and make dinner. Mondays are hard.

Speaking of basketball....Poor Lilly. Another loss this weekend. However her team played much better and she didn't get any fouls. She fouled out of a game the previous weekend.

Later this week...Tae Kwon Do, basketball, Co-op, Abuelo and Abuela back from Peru (yay! we always miss them so much when they're gone, lucky them got to go to the beach) and...

Lilly turns 14 on Saturday!...And of course she thinks it is just perfect that she gets to play basketball on her birthday.
Live the Liturgy...Anna made her First Confession on Saturday. The very best part was watching the kids faces as they walked out of the confessional. Have you ever seen what grace looks like? I have. Awesome.

Keeping the home...Here's the part that needs routine and rhythm...I'll let you know when we get there.

From the kitchen...Meal planning has been going well and I'm back in a pattern of only 2 visits to a grocery store a week. Still not in the bread making pattern. Hope to really get this going this week. Highlights for this week will be Beef Stew (hopefully with that home made bread), gnocchi (Lilly's birthday), and maybe Salmon cakes.

Thankful for...My beautiful Church, Holy Trinity.

Praying for...An end to abortion and for all the women and families traumatized and injured by this brutal act.

Reading...Ah, a slight political moment. I got some trial offer for 4 magazines subscriptions for $8. I picked TIME as one of them. I received the first issue featuring an article about Obama. It was interesting, by which I mean a tiny bit infuriating. I walked away from the article with the feeling that the author was trying to tell me Obama is having a harder time in the polls right now because he's just a little bit smarter than us, more of a thinker, and we just don't get what he's trying to do. And it blames the Republicans. Cheap shot and predictable.

Creating...Careful plans for the next 8 weeks of school. I was delighted to see that I already have, on my shelves, every book I might need for Sam's next unit. Hooray.

From the schoolroom...See above.

Picture Thought...

This Anna and baby Aggie, so this is about 3 years ago. I can't believe how little Anna looks!


Barbara said...


I recently stumbled upon those doodle books by Taro Gomi that you recommended MONTHS ago. They are amazing! I bought "Doodles" and "Scribbles" as Valentine's Day gifts for my two youngest. Thanks for the head's up.

Anonymous said...

I love the little tongue thing. Too cute.