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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow. Last post February 1! And I thought those were snowy days. Since then over 40 inches of snow fell in 2 storms just days apart. There are still great piles of snow everywhere. My street has been transformed into an obstacle course as you maneuver your way through the great mountains that the snow plows left behind.

Every activity the kids participate in was canceled last week. Can you imagine? No where to rush to. At all. It was glorious. And like Elizabeth, you might imagine it means some big life-changing decisions about all that rushing around. But no. While I relished the peace, I also know that these things that have me rushing around are things my children dearly love. Sports and groups that build character and keep bodies healthy. So this week the dance begins again.

So does Lent. I will admit right now, I have no "perfect" plan in place. I have favorite books and resources. I was surprised that 2 of my younger girls have been discussing their "sacrifices" for a few days now. But for myself...I think, meekness and humility are what is called for. That urge to immediately respond or correct or command will be mortified. I think today I may go get some letters for our "mantle". Humility.

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Andres and Julia Stell said...

i've decided to make humility my lenten theme.