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Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes: Since Her Hint About Monday was Too Enticing

On Tuesday we took John to a pediatric gastroenterologist (good grief, that takes forever to type). We're working on weight issues and honestly I've pretty much had it with medical stuff this week. So I'll just share the funny part. The doctor was very nice and very short. As in an inch or two taller than me. I am 4'11". Dave thought it ironic that doctor we took our son to for "failure to thrive" looks like he might have, well, failed to thrive.

Yesterday my parents took the four big kids white water rafting. Yes my parents, their 60-something selves, down a river for 3 hours. Did I mention its been less than a week since they returned from driving all over northern Spain? Yeah, they're amazing.

When you wonder how kids "cleaned up the basement" so quickly the other night, don't be surprised to find random tote boxes full of "stuff".

One a similar note, how often can you "deep clean" and *still* have so much "stuff" to throw away?

Can hardly wait for dinner at my parents' house tomorrow. True to their generous nature, they have planned an amazing Spanish feast to share their wonderful vacation with the family. Mmmm.

Can hardly wait to finally baptize my sweet baby boy! On such a lovely feast day no less. You know I'll be begging intercession from his heavenly grandmother for sure. And a hug and thanks to his godmother for all her prayers.

Anna declared yesterday one the "funnest days at home, ever!". It really was. Quiet, slow and focused on the needs of little girls and babies. There was painting and playing and popcorn. I was able to do so much laundry, folded and put away, by myself.

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Jordana said...

My last two children have worried the doctors about their dropping off the weight charts. My youngest, who was over 9 lbs at birth gained less than 7 lbs in a year. But fortunately, she seems to be doing fine and I'll be praying that your son will be the same.