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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Very Simple Daybook: New Creation Edition

Right now...
wondering where my day went...oh yeah, downtown at Children's Hospital.

Very happy...my little John is a new creation in Christ! A post is coming, as soon as I get pictures uploaded. It would have been done sooner except for the whole Children's Hospital thing.

Thankful for...family, godparents, babies of all shapes and sizes, Abuelo to keep us company and drive nervous mama through D.C. and gentle skilled nurses that can draw blood without making the baby cry and cry (in fact, he barely flinched).

This week...another visit to Children's because apparently my little man is to cool, calm and collected to sweat enough. Sigh.

Praying for...lots of things, but in a special way all the precious children I saw today.

A blurry picture thought (moments after he became a Christian, taken by his godfather)....

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