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Monday, July 20, 2009

Daybook: The Busy Week Ahead

Right now...I can hear the little girls playing with playdough. I remember once more why I love wood floors instead of carpet.

Later...so much to do today. Just thinking about the list makes me hyperventilate.

This week...yeah, the whole week pretty much makes me dizzy. This is an abridged version. There's more in there.

Monday- Sam and Carmen spend the night at Grandma's. Lilly bowls with friends. I do
lots of laundry and entertain little girls and baby boy.
Tuesday- Two specialist appointments for John in Rockville (otherwise known as Drive-for
Wednesday-Take a deep breath. Keep cleaning, doing laundry. Go to the store?
Thursday- Big kids go white water rafting with Abuelo and Abuela. Yeah, that's right, my
parents, white water rafting with the kids. I relive the good old days and try to survive
through 4 kids, seven and under by myself.
Friday- Is it Friday? Am I still alive? Must be, because I'm sure I'm still doing laundry.
Saturday- Spanish Foodie Feast at Abuela's. Well, that can only be good.
Sunday- FINALLY, John's Baptism!

Praying for...for this sweet little boy and his family.

Grateful for...the chance to offer up this week to bring grace to other's suffering.

Welcome Home...Abuelo and Abuela! We're glad you had such a wonderful time but selfishly happier you're with us again.

Political Thought...(because I feel like sharing one this week) I have lived without health insurance. So have some of my children. It is not easy. In fact it is a terrible burden because unlike insurance companies, providers NEVER feel compelled to give you a "discount" for services like they give the insurance companies. Well, except maybe my midwives, who did everything they could to give us a fair rate and cut costs in other places. That said, the Obama healthcare plan scares the crap out of me. Actually, I could write several posts about this, but lets just leave it at that for today.

John says...oh my goodness, this little boy is a fountain of all sorts of gurgley coos, grunts and giggles. He loves making noises, especially at Mass.

Oh yeah, school...Some very good booklists have been created and are ready to order for my big girls. Decisions have been made for Sam, who wishes to continue with American history instead of jumping into Africa. I already have a good amount of materials for him, so he will need very little bought (thank God). Now it is a matter of planning for the little girls. Progress.

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Black And Red said...

What?! I didn't know we were going to Abuela's on Saturday!

UGH! Thanks for telling me!