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Friday, September 26, 2008

Catching Up

Do you like the new fall look? It is the little bit I've been able to squeeze here from a very busy life.

Baby is growing. Mama is tired.

Kids are learning. House is mostly tidy. Laundry is under control (though I've noticed if I slip just a little it gets more tedious and time consuming, MUST STICK TO THE PLAN).

Co-op is under way and I am really enjoying working with Anna and her friends, a group I haven't spent a whole lot of time around since they were much younger. I'm delighted in how much they've grown, their curiosity and how much they can make me laugh.

I'm praying without ceasing for a dear friend.

Soccer sucks up five out seven days of the week. Still, I'm managing to get a decent dinner on the table, albeit at 8pm some nights, but better a bit later than never.

Loving the fall weather and realizing today I must get these children out to pick some apples.

This weekend I'll be missing my sister Julia, wishing I could transport myself to Atlanta for a perfectly pink baby shower. (And still so excited about my blue bundle.)

Life is busy, sometimes overwhelmingly, but I learn a little bit more each day how to let go and let God. Through it all, I am ever grateful.

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