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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Soccer Saturdays

After being rained out for their first games, Anna and Carmen were eager to play their first games of the season this past weekend.

It was hot. Real hot. And sunny. Real sunny. The whole family had matching light sunburns proving our loyalty to our soccer players.

This is Anna's second season. She like playing this spring. And she seemed to pick up the basics very quickly. She totally blew us away this Saturday. You must understand, Anna is tiny, much smaller than the average almost seven year old. It seems she makes up for it in speed and toughness. My goodness, that little girl can fly down the field. She can kick almost as well with her left foot as her right foot and a few times we watched her use the left foot to help get around defenders. She scored twice and assissted a few times. And yes, she wilted a bit in the heat and bigger field. Classic Anna, she complained and whined and even cried a bit and told us she was going to throw up and die. We were patient, told her we knew it was hard, her team needed her and be tough. I know it was hard, I was hot just sitting watching her. She pulled herself together and finished strong, smiling the whole time she flew around the field.

Carmen is playing on a much bigger field than ever. I suffered with her as I watched her push herself harder than she ever has in the withering heat. I watched her face and I knew every time she ran it hurt her everywhere. Many on her team faded away and stood flat footed waiting for the ball. Carmen and a few other tough girls fought on, eager to give the best of themselves for their coach.

Watching my "little" girls on the fields this weekend, as hot and uncomfortable as we all were, was an excellent reminder why we have them participate in competitive team sports. My girls had to overcome their real physical discomfort and give their best for their team. It wan't about them anymore. I was very proud.

And praying for a cool autumn weekend :) .

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