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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Too Busy Living...

To blog it.

We are in the middle of our own birthday week, though we are sharing it with extended family.

On Monday our baby welcomed being two years old with many joyful "Happy Berdays!" of her own every time we said it to her. She really is quite loved and spoiled by all of us. I still can't believe Agnes is two. It seems like yesterday that I fretted over her jaundice and hoped her face didn't look as bruised from her rather quick birth. Every day we are thrilled as she talks to us more and more and tells us all about her world and joys.

But there is more to celebrate. Grandpa shares his birthday with Aggie. Today we celebrate Abuelo's birthday. And coming up is cousin Maggie's Fourth Birthday.

Fun and more fun!

Tomorrow we're looking forward to sharing a wee bit of the Foss birthday week.

And again, and I know I seem to repeat this often lately, but given the times we're living in I think it most necessary, I am ever grateful for all these blessing of family and friends.

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