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Saturday, April 26, 2008

We Interrupt this Blog...

To Bring You Real Life.

Yes real life. Real Life can be hard....like colds that take kids a day to get over leave you coughing painfully for a week. Real life can be tedious...like laundry (slowly but surely and joyfully being thinned out and caught up). Real life can be fun...like days spent on the banks of creeks, surrounded by beauty and friendship. Of course those days also lead to um, laundry when children *wade* into said creek. By wade I mean everything short of swimming fully clothed. It seems they all "fall in by accident". No matter, its just laundry. The memories and laughter from these days thankfully can't be rinsed away. Real life can be far away...like missing grandparents away on a trip. Real life can be busy...like 2 sets of soccer pictures and 2 games spread between 5 hours. And a dinner party at 6:30 for which you have to cook an appetizer quickly after all the soccer business. Real life can be sweet...like the baby still insisting to snuggle in bed first thing in the morning and nurse.

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