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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Don't Want to Forget...

The very funny way Agnes is talking to us...the way she says diaper and nurse and thank you and night-night.

How she uses sign language sometimes, especially when she wants a cookie.

How she calls Carmen "Arten" and Maddy "Ma-ee" and Sam "Am" and Anna "Ahh" and Lilly "Li-ee" and Kay....well Kay she gets right.

How she can say Mama a hundred different ways and I know just what she means:

Mama! (Why can't I eat food off the floor?)
Mama! (Don't even think of taking me down for breakfast before snuggling with me.)
Mama! (I'm hungry.)
Mama! (I know we're at Mass, but I must run. Now.)

And we've just learned "no-no" is window.

And how could I forget....Mama, wuv oo. (Mama, I love you.)

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