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Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Body in Christ

Right now, they are distributing Holy Communion at the Papal Mass. My dear friend Doris is there with her husband. She has become a dear woman in my life, one I know I can turn to for any need. Her family is a blessing in our life.

They are carrying with them Carmen's rosary that I made for her First Communion. Our Holy Father just blessed it. She is carrying my intentions in her heart .

How can I put into words this mystery and joy of being united in the Eucharist? How can I capture the feeling of watching the Consecration with Carmen in my lap as I continue to prepare her to receive the very same Lord for the first time? How can I express the peace as I made an act of spiritual communion (streaming over the internet no less!) that let me be present there in that stadium?

Thanks be to God!

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