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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fortune Cookies

We went to a Chinese Restaurant after basketball and First Confession. Kay "read" everyone their fortune cookies.

Hers said: Kay is still small. She doesn't know everything. She knows one thing.

Abuela's said: Here's Abuela, she's smart and she knows everything

Abuelo's said: Abuelo is really super smart and knows everything.

Lilly's said: Here's Lilly, she doesn't know everything.

Sam's said: Sam is smart. But he usually pees in his bed. (He would kill me if I didn't note that he does NOT usually pee is his bed.)

Papa's said: Here's Papa, he shaves his head.

Anna's said: Anna is small and she slips and she bounces.

Maddy's said: Maddy is small...she's not anymore, but she used to be that.

Carmen's said: Carmen isn't really interesting and kind of annoying.


cyj said...

We had a wonderful time hearing Kay's fortunes

juli said...

laughing out loud! i think my favorite is carmen's, though sam's is a close second.