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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pelted With Cottonballs

That's how I heard a priest describe listening to children do their First Confession.

Carmen did hers today. It was so wonderful to see all those children, practically shining with grace come out of the confessional.

Carmen was so eager to tell Jesus her sins, so joyful at knowing she was forgiven and that His grace would help her grow in holiness. Two of her friends also made their First Confession today. I saw that same joy and peace in their faces.

Do we adults run and embrace God's mercy and forgiveness the same way? After all, it is the same abundant grace offered to us all. Do we feel the burden of our sins and long for Our Lord to lift them? Surely our adult souls are in far more need of God's mercy. Do we completely trust and believe that we are made clean in the sacrament and cling to the hope that His grace will keep us from sin? Carmen does.

As much as I teach my children about their faith, they always teach me much more in return.

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Maria Cunningham said...

Oh Maria ... can it be? I remember when Carmen was born! I remember you sitting in my living room nursing her while I nursed my Michael! She was so small and had the longest eye lashes I had ever seen on a newborn. I will remember Carmen in my prayers tonight!