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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Carmen's Rosary

Inspired by Kimberlee's beautiful work (and the rosary she made for Sam) and Alice's generosity in sharing some free tutorials, I decided that I wanted to make Carmen's rosary for her First Holy Communion. I did it yesterday. I tried to take pictures, but didn't like how they turned out. So I scanned it. Weird yes, but at least you can see better what it looks like.

The Paters are actually a pale lavender color because Carmen loves purple. The center is Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Carmen's birthday is her feast. The little charm sticking out just under it is a tiny chalice and host to remind her of her First Communion. The Aves are clear with streaks of green, blue and pink running through them randomly. There are also tiny purple seed beads.

I love how it turned out. I can't wait to have it blessed for her.

And if you ever need a beautiful custom rosary, do consider buying from Kimberlee or Alice.


cyj said...

que precioso te quedo

JennGM said...

It's gorgeous! Great job!