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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When Am I Not...

organizing and cleaning that is.


The goal these days is to tame the laundry monster by drastically and ruthlessly reducing the wardrobes of all my children. Except maybe Sam, poor boy, doesn't seem to have even half the clothes of one of his sisters.

I know this can be done. For example, how many t-shirts do my little girls really need? Especially when there are so many that are not even fit to give away at this point. Why do I hold on to them? There are pants that are just way too old, but they stick around for when there's nothing else to wear. And why would there be nothing else to wear? Because as always (sigh) I simply cannot keep up with all that laundry! And why can't I keep up? Because there is way too much that is just hanging around in case there's nothing else to wear! You see the madness of it all, don't you?

Most frustrating is that they all do have some very nice clothes that ends up laying around in dirty heaps that I struggle to keep up with while they wear that old cruddy stuff.

And can I tell you how much I hate having to tackle any of this?

Good thing it is Lent. Honestly, this really has me reflecting about how we can be completely weighed down by "stuff". If I am to prepare myself and give my best to Our Risen Lord, surely I can be sure to have my home and children reflect the best of what the Lord has blessed us with. And as far as the drudgery of it all...well, God Almighty saw fit to have His Son embrace our frail human bodies, with all its weakness and all the "drudgery" of working hard every day. I can offer up this task and embrace the blessings of the life He has given me for His sake.

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juli said...

i know when! when you're cooking. ;)