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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Good Day

It begins with two won basketball games. Made all the better by knowing how well your own dear children played.
Then it is new shoes for the baby. Her first pairs of real walking shoes. Perfect tiny little pick sneakers that she keeps staring at even as she tries to walk. You know tomorrow you will get to see her wear little black patent leather shoes to Church.
Move on to a surprise lunch at Pizza Hut, where you love the fact that you need two (oh, maybe it was three) tables to accommodate your family plus two wonderful grandparents. Add in a very cheerful waitress.
Spend the afternoon cuddling with your dear husband, reveling simply in his just being home.
Enjoy a simple supper, made all the more simple because some of it is leftover pizza and some is chicken salad made from leftover chicken.
Decide on the spur of the moment to make spider cookies after dinner with the little girls and one big boy. Let them each eat a big spoonful right of the bowl.
Settle down to watch some NBA All-Stars (almost as talented as the your own children).
Welcome your big girls home from their babysitting job and take time to hear all about the adorable and funny little boys they got to play with.
Invite one daughter to watch some All-Star action with you in your room. Eventually other children will drift in and you will all get to watch one of the coolest Slam Dunk Competitions ever. Somewhere in the middle of jumping on the bed, Kay will exclaim, "Mary is glowing on the fridge! She's gweem (green)!" This is in reference to a tiny glow-in-th-dark statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Yes, I know, there are the obvious questions. Why a glow-in-the-dark Mary? Why do I have one? Why Kay's proclamation at that moment? Who knows...just laugh.
Settle children in beds. Settle Kay in the basement with her brother (because there seems to be something wonderfully exciting about sleeping on the floor of the basement.)
Drift off to sleep thanking God for all these very good things.

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