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Thursday, August 09, 2007

On My Absence

It has been a week of unexpected events and joyous celebrations.

A week ago Sunday my parent's home was struck by lightning and there was a small fire in the attic. But many of you know the damage that putting out even a small fire can do to a home. I do not want to dwell on it, it is sad and painful. Thanks be to God, my parents are safe and healthy, but their home and their hearts need some healing. This has been their home for over 30 years. It is full of so much joy. It is where I learned my first lessons in unconditional love that primed my heart to learn and accept the love of my Father in Heaven. It will be full of life and love again.

A few days ago, on Sunday, my dear son received Our Lord in the Eucharist for the first time. It was lovely. One of the joys I take from the day is the thought that the priest, visiting from Africa, will return there and ask his parish to pray for my son. We will certainly be praying for them. How very Catholic.

Another joy was meeting my sweet little nephew for the first time. I often refer to him as sweet in messages and posts and he is. So very sweet! It was so lovely to hold a wee baby and smell the new baby smell. To feel his quiet breathing and try to stay awake when he dozed in my arms. To feel his soft spikey black her and wonder at how my sister's little boy could look so different from my own dear children. He was a wonder to behold.

And from my son's First Communion, I have this picture of my children with their cousins...it says it all...

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