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Thursday, August 09, 2007

How they learn

Five year old Anna is officially in kindergarten this fall. We are part of a co-op that will be focusing on art and science this year. She is very excited.

In terms of what she has done at home...well, nothing structured. We read and narrate. She loves working with math manipulatives and puzzles. She colors...a lot. She knows the letters and their sounds and seems just on the verge of putting it together to start reading. She has been a part of all our family liturgical celebrations. But I didn't "school" her at all this past year.

I was cooking dinner just now and she asked me my "third favorite color." This is one of her favorite questions. Then she asked my second favorite color. Then my first favorite color. And just like that I realized that Anna knows how to count backwards and understands ordinal numbers.

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