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Friday, January 12, 2007

Small World

Imagine this...Elizabeth grew up in the same neighborhood as I did and even remembers that my parents had a spanish Marriage Encounter sticker on the car.

And we found this out because Alice (who it turns out has children nearly the same spacings as mine) started this beautiful thread over at the 4Real Boards.

These same boards where I discovered Diane and her amazing family. Diane was once a member of the same TORCH group in Fairfax, VA. Now she lives in Belgium. Before she moved, I remember going to her house for a book club where we were discussing...Elizabeth's book!

It is more than a small world I think. It is God's Providence and sense of humor touching all these lovely women's lives and bringing us together in such a real way.

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Alice said...

Oh, how fun it is to visit here and find my name! And I do love that we have all those children the same age! Six girls and one boy is so much fun.