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Friday, January 12, 2007

Tea Time

Yesterday we had our first afternoon tea at home. It was rather spur of the moment. We had a pumpkin gingerbread that came out of the freezer the night before. It was perfectly delicious at breakfast. The kids asked if they could have more. I told them later, as a snack. And Lilly says, "For teatime!" Now, we have never done teatime but just this week I was kicking around the idea of trying. Mostly out of neccessity. Some changes in the flow of our days means we are having lunch earlier. But we still tend to eat dinner later. So it seemed to make sense to add in afternoon snack (and eliminate a morning snack) to keep the monsters from appearing. So I took Lilly's outburst as a sign to give it a try. I took out teacups and all the different teas. I made vanilla milk. I sliced the pumpkin bread. I decided we would try to do a read aloud. Just David seemed like a good choice because it has short chapters. The kids thought it was all very grand and wonderful. I loved it. They loved the book (so far).

One problem...

No One Likes Tea.



juli said...

bummer. andres and i thought it would be fun to take lilly to the celestial seasonings factory when we take her to denver sometime. maybe it will convert her.

Alice said...

LOL, that's too bad! Tea time is just as much fun with milk or hot cocoa though!