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Friday, July 21, 2006

Get it...

The pool closed for a little while today because the lifeguards (with the most acute hearing I've ever witnessed) heard thunder. Of course, there was no storm. So when it opened again, we decided to go for a late afternoon swim. We were the second group of people to arrive, at which my six year old quipped, "Don't worry mama, soon this place will be swimming with people....get it...swimming."
On another note, why do some kids just seem to come naturally mean? Two sisters, about six and four years old decided for no particular reason to pick on my two and a half year old. They were with their dad, who did that thing that dads do and be somewhat oblivious to his girls' bad behaviour, though I did bring it to his attention when the younger sister started shoving my daughter. He admonished her and the shoving stopped, but they kept calling her names and splashing her on purpose. With each taunt my little daughter would boldly declare, "I am not a chicken butt, I am KayKay. I was very proud.

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