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Thursday, March 30, 2006


The immigration issue has been out there for a little bit. I haven't beeen sure what or how to post on this subject. But, today Amy linked over to the Cafeteria Is Closed. This is a great post. Some highlights:
A big problem is the demagoguing on both sides - on the Right, some are pointing out just the radicals in the demonstrations, but neglecting to show the Catholic priests marching, the statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe that were carried, and so forth. The Left, on the other hand, tends to support a kind of self-segregation, by splitting people into interest groups and aligning itself with racist organizations like La Raza. People who carried signs along those lines ("This is stolen land", etc) really tick me off. But, I believe, most illegals are family people who just want to work and don't much care for political agendas. Of course, by not offering much of a chance of full integration, the government (both parties) have fostered a strong Mexican identity, on top of the idiotic liberal ideas such as bilingual education and multiculturalism. The Right has to offer something other than "Get out!".

Politically, this is a watershed moment for the Republican Party. They lost the black vote in the 60s when Goldwater was against the Civil Rights Act (I wouldn't say it made him a racist, but since black people mostly perceived it that way, that didn't matter). Given that vast numbers of American citizens have illegal parents or relatives, Republicans may really screw themselves for decades, which would be bad for the pro-life cause. Offer people a chance to become established, tax-paying citizens. Combat the perpetuation of an underclass. Avoid dying out like the Europeans. The people who came here illegally will not leave nor will they be made to leave. Therefore: Don't leave them up for grabs for the Left.

He also includes a link to this site Justice for Immigrants.

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