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Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Immigration

This from The Anchoress. Very good. Go read it all.

I think if we do “ship ‘em out” without concern for their humanity, for their dignity (and for our humanity and dignity - and for our souls) we may well be doomed. We cannot stop seeing these people as people. We must protect the borders, absolutely, but there is no effective program in place to do that, and none on the horizon that won’t be laid up in courts for a decade. But we cannot undertake a mass-eviction process without protecting ourselves against what we might become. We must protect the very generosity of spirit which has made us great.

I wrote elsewhere that God is never outdone in generosity - and America (naysayers aside) is a massively generous nation - both economically and spiritually. It is one of the reasons she is great. She cannot become insular, isolationist, cold and distant without freezing her own heart.

And so, let us pray. Let us stop running on emotions and fomenting rage and focusing on where the flag is on the flagpole. (Of courseI am offended by those pictures, but they are - in the end - a distraction, a misdirection - a way to get us feeeeeeling and not thinking. Take them with a grain of salt and keep your guts steady.)

I think God has a way of turning things topsy turvey when He wants to. We know the Holy Spirit has a habit of using what is before us to His advantage, confounding us in every age, turning profound negatives into something else. Wouldn’t it be funny if all of these Catholic, Our Lady of Guadalupe-loving Mexicans (remember, she is patron saint of the Americas ) come into the country and, unexpectedly, over time - complete the domination of the conservatism over progressivism.

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