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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reflecting the Love of God

A conversation Lilly and I had the other day centered on who I would entrust the care of my children with should something tragic happen to me and Dave. It really was not morbid at all and led to a wonderful insight on my part. The question was, apart from family, how would I feel about the children being cared for by some of the families we are blessed to have as  part of our lives. The answer, which made me oh so happy, was pretty darn good. The answer really is so simple. These people I have let into my heart, into my life, love my children. I would not doubt for one moment that they would love and care for my children, that would continue to help them grow closer to God and win the race to Heaven. Truly, what more can I ask for.

I know. I would ask that they would know how grateful I am to have them in my life. I would ask that, by God's grace, they would see the love of God reflected in me for their dear children and that I too long to share the beatific vision with them. I would ask that whatever is lacking in me be filled with God's grace. And of course, I long for this within my family as well.

I want to live this year, my whole life, with this reflection ever present. Do I bring the Light of Christ, to everyone? All the time? May the Lord have mercy on me and help me to be ever more transparent.

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