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Monday, January 24, 2011

Daybook on the March for Life

Right now...I am attempting to post from my itouch. This will probably be shorter than usual.

In a little while...Need to put some real clothes on, drop teens at church, find something fun, maybe artsy to do with my little girls (and boy).

This week...we're in a comfortable pace right now. It's nice to be moving somewhat peacefully through the week, with no activities overwhelming us. I want to use this time to gather fortitude and grace. Soon I will need to be visiting doctors with more frequency and watching my health even more carefully. It still feels somewhat to think we'll be welcoming a new little girl soon...very soon.

Living the liturgy...Preparing for Candlemas, Johnny's original due date, a day that filled me with such hope as I faced those difficult days during that pregnancy. Still filled with great hope and joy.

I am praying...All those facing difficult circumstances during pregnancy and all women who have been mortally wounded by the lie of abortion.

I am thankful...I really want to start in on Ann's Multitude Mondays series. Can't link with the app I'm using. For today these 3 things:
Lilly playing basketball
Dave grocery shopping with me
Football with Johnny

On my Kindle...One Thousand Gifts. I also downloaded Democracy in America. Read bits of it in high school, just felt inspired to read it all. Also Light of the World. Have I mentioned how thrilling it is to be able to carry so many books around with my Kindle?

From the schoolroom...Little girls wrapping up a mini Viking study. On to knights and castles. I am always so motivated and inspired by Carmen. That girl just loves to learn, to really soak up knowledge and ponder it. We are going to use this time well. So grateful I have well planned weeks ahead.

Woohoo Packers!

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