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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Want To Do

...is share the 3 week unit I've created for our study of Japan. We're working our way through Asia this fall, Serendipity style. (I had hoped to move away from geography with the little girls, just for some variety. I hoped to plug them into the Middle Ages studies the older kids are moving into to make my life easier...but, the younger girls LOVE these geography studies, so Asia it is for now.) I've used those lists for inspiration and tweaked here and there based on the books at the library. I was able to pull together all the resources without spending a single penny. I filled out the outline at Serendipity and wrote up specific notebook pages and activities to go along with our reading. I really want to share it with you, really I do, but we have a soccer scrimmage in less than an hour. And then I get another child to choir practice as quick as I can. And then I run into the door and try to get dinner on the table as quick as I can...well, you get the picture.

I'll try, I promise, because I do want to share it with you. But right now, I must fly or there will be no good parking left at the fields.

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