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Monday, September 13, 2010


Right now...
I'm wondering how I'm going to get the veggies put away from the grocery store run with my very asleep baby boy in my arms. At least I figured out how to type.

In a little while...
put the veggies away ;), prep a few things for dinner, get Carmen to soccer.

This week...
The usual routine. Its busy, but I'm feeling peaceful about it. I worked hard to get a good routine for school in place and its paying off. I've also worked to have good spaces of time in the mornings and we are making the most of it.The funny thing too is that God took care in very simple ways of some of my concerns and stress. You get what you pray for.
Sam and Carmen get to see Cirque du Soleil on Thursday.

I am grateful...
~my sweet baby sleeping on my chest.
~a stocked pantry and fridge.
~a hard working, generous and loving husband.
~a good public library system.
~a friend who has put together a lovely, fun, gentle preschool for Aggie once a week. Its nearly perfect and  I feel so blessed by her creativity and generosity.

I am reading...
Nothing at the moment. Sigh. I do love reading, but the past few years have trouble settling on anything. There are many things I've really enjoyed here and there, but I so wish I could be consistent.

I am creating...
hmmmm...does continually tweaking our lessons each week count?

From the schoolroom...
The actual space is a bit um, messy. This means I'm not really using it to its maximum capabilities. This is frustrating because I put a table in there earlier in the summer precisely to give everyone more space to work in. That said, I'm so pleased with our curriculum right now. So many wonderful living books! Good books and narration, a bit of math everyday, and built in time for creativity and nature. So simple.

Living the Liturgy...
Exaltation of the Holy Cross (14)
Our Lady of Sorrows (15)
No big plans, just hope to quietly contemplate.

I am praying...
My brother and his wife as they travel Taiwan.
For Patrick Foss, his adventures in Spain, and his family who misses him.
All grieving mothers, whatever their grief may be.

Around the house...
The dreaded switch to fall/winter clothes. Ugh. Dave's home this week. Maybe he'll help?
Laundry (you're shocked aren't you?)

In the kitchen...
If all goes to plan,
~Monday: Oven roasted salmon, rice, broccoli
~Tuesday: Green Chicken Curry (a new recipe from Aarti Party on Food Network, looks so good, and we've learned that as a general rule, we like Indian food in our family. Yay! I love Indian food.), cucumbers, yogurt sauce, rice and a little roti.
~Wednesday: Slow cooker Beef Minestrone (from Wegman's magazine), bread, salad
~Thursday: Zucchini and Fried Pepper Casserole (also Wegman's) with hot Italian sausage on the side.
~Friday: Pasta, vegetable- maybe roasted butternut squash, maybe tossed in the sauce...still thinking about it.
~Saturday: Tacos
~Sunday: Chicken- not sure how yet, potatoes, vegetable

Oh, he's so cute but growing fiercely independent, no help on the stairs please, I'll go up and down by myself like a big kid, don't hold my hand in the street, I'll walk wherever I please, Don't cut my food up please, I want it look just like yours on my plate, where's the knife so I can cut it, No highchair, I'm a big boy now....except, of course, at night, when his preferred place to sleep is as close to my body as he can reasonably get.

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