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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hard Lessons

To keep everyone out of suspense, I will let you know right now, Sam broke his arm Thursday afternoon.

It involved a trampoline. It involved a fence. It involved an older sister who decided to jump from the top the fence, over the net around the trampoline, and on to the trampoline. Sam just had to try it too. One funny part of the story is Sam's complete lack of these specific details when relaying how he got hurt to the E.R. docs. In fact, I didn't know the "rest of the story" until we got home and Lilly let all the details be known. My poor son, even in the midst of pain and fear, he still was a complete kid about it all and was afraid of getting in trouble. I think he's got enough trouble, yes?


When it is all said and done, I am comforted by the fact that it was just his arm and that Sam and his sister have learned a very good lesson about the consequences of poor decisions and lack of judgment and common sense.

Oh, lets be clear, we do not own a trampoline. I did not know they were on a trampoline. In fact, the very first poor decision my dear children made was going into someone's back yard without telling me and without a parent being home at the house in question.

My hard lesson? Seeing your child in intense pain is perhaps one of the worst things I will ever experience. Sam didn't cry in the car on the way to the E.R. I did.


Claudia said...

Poor Sam. I wondered about the trampoline part. I know you did not have one, but I was thinking that maybe you were at a friend's house. Ah kids. Hey 15 years of parenting and your first broken bone (probably not your last thought). Many prayers for quick healing bone and hooray for brave Sam. I would be sobbing.

KC said...

Just saw this. How scary for you all.

Hope he heals quickly.