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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Celebrating St. Patrick

In the morning, little girls colored pictures of St. Patrick and Aggie made a leprechaun paper bag puppet. She named him Steve.  We talked a wee bit about the Trinity.

We enjoyed soda bread and Dubliner Irish cheese at lunch.

I prepared corned beef, roasted potatoes, and sauteed cabbage for dinner. I'm pretty sure corned beef is really more of an American Irish thing, but that's okay. Everyone really liked it. I kept the potatoes and cabbage separate because I wanted them to taste like potato and cabbage. The potatoes were roasted in a hot oven with a little canola oil (I find olive oil can sometimes burn by the time the potatoes are tender), salt and pepper. The cabbage was sauteed with just a little butter (I think an Irishman would say a knob of butter) and just enough water to help it soften a bit. We had cider vinegar at the table, which was really delicious on the cabbage. It was all very yummy and I think Dave especially enjoyed our "Irish" feast. For dessert I baked pistachio cookies, made green by the addition of instant pistachio pudding. They taste very good, especially if you like pistachio.

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