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Monday, November 16, 2009

Daybook: In November

Right now...Still trying to get one teen to wake up already. And I'm feeling bad that I brought Dave his coffee early, forgetting he's taking today off.

Later today...Spanish class for Maddy and Ballet for Kay. Both girls love these classes. We got to observe Kay a few weeks ago and little girls learning ballet is one the most darling things ever. Missing from this list now is soccer (which will be replaced by basketball in just a few weeks, don't worry, I won't be bored). Carmen tried out for but did not make it on to the All-Star team for her age division. No worries, she's so glad she tried, intends to play even better and try again next season. We think she's a star.

This week...TKD, some eye appointments, Co-Op and Anna will probably compete in her very first TKD tournament on Saturday.

Living the Liturgy...Sunday is one of my very favorite feasts, Christ the King. Several of my children have been baptized on the feast so I'll try my hand at a crown cake this year and celebrate the day they became new creations in Christ.

In the Kitchen...Blah, feeling so uninspired. Don't get me wrong, I'm cooking balanced tasty meals but I'm feeling soooo bored! Hmmm, just struck me that perhaps God is giving me an opportunity for grace...that the food I prepare is not about how I feel about out, but about nourishing those in my care. Nothing fancy requires, just the love I put into it...hmmmm.

Life of Learning...I desperately need to string together some really focused school days, that have structure and goals. Darn it. I can't blame the wedding anymore.

John...Still wee. Crawling. Waves bye. Does a high five. Has the most infectious laugh. Sleeping a bit better.

Wedding Thoughts...How wonderful that two families, so different and in a very real way, separated by an ocean (!) can come together and celebrate the love between two people. Even more amazing is the idea that these two people now become a real living sign to the world that these families are no longer separate. How exciting to be in a place and hear Spanish, English and Mandarin and think "Yes! This is family." How sweet to see parents entrust the heart of their children to their new spouse. And just as touching, siblings crying with joy and a wee bit of sadness (or a lot, poor Jackie!) knowing your brother/sister now really belongs to someone else. And what a joy that someone else is! Best of all, she LOVES my little brother and he is always a better man with her. How redeeming that a day that brought sadness a year ago as we said goodbye to a father and grandfather now brings us such great joy.

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GeekSandwich said...

Hey, what about my birthday?? xD

Mary said...

Wow the girls are growing up so fast! Love the pictures!