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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before the Wedding Stuff...

Aggie is potty trained! Took just over 3 weeks and was a battle very single day. Every day I woke up and just repeated to myself over and over, "I will NOT put a diaper on her, no matter what."

When I started the process 3 weeks ago, I never imagined we would not be quite done during the rehearsal dinner where Aggie asked to "pee on the potty" oh, about 100 times. I'll just tell you I am quite familiar with the bathroom at a certain Chinese restaurant in downtown Chevy Chase, MD.

One more gem of wisdom...potty training and soda (lots of soda, because, hey, its a party and the nice waiter just keeps bringing glass after glass without even having to be asked)...BAD.

And I promise, Carlos and Jenn, my further thoughts on your wonderful wedding will have nothing to do with the potty.

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