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Friday, October 02, 2009

Some Days

Is it possible to capture in words the blessings and grace of this day? I think I will try because I want to keep it with me for a long time. How to describe the abundant love and generosity of my Father in heaven? Consider these things...

A morning started bright and early with pumpkin bread already prepared from the day before.

A smiling baby.

Bringing the one I love his first cup of coffee to start his day.

A morning full of learning, shared with other dear families, each one of their children a precious blessing in our life.

A sweet boy signing "I'm sorry."

A tiny boy crawling around fearlessly.

Little ones reciting the Guardian Angel prayer.

A big teen sister proudly telling me that her own little sister could find Peru on a map of South America and sharing about the "fiesta" for Abuelo tonight.

Another big teen sister treating everyone to lunch at McDonald's with her own hard earned babysitting money.

Cheerful and efficient employees who made helped make lunch that much better.

Lots of big kids to wrangle little kids through a quick run at the store.

Trying to hide the tears as I drove as Lilly played this song because she knows I love it.

And still to come...bobbing for apples (because why not, it is Abuelo's birthday "fiesta" and he wants to), playing with cousins and celebrating with my father, who exemplifies in so many ways the generous love of my heavenly Father.

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LLMom said...

Thanks for sharing. I need to remember those little things that aer so wonderful.