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Monday, October 05, 2009

Daybook: Sleep is Overrated Edition

Right now...I just cleaned up milk that Aggie poured over the table and being so sleep-deprives, managed to spill the rest of the cup all over the counter by the sink. I can hear attempts at waking the big girls going on in the basement. If they don't drag themselves up here soon, things could get ugly.

Later...Ah Mondays! Spanish for Maddy and then another round of ballet and soccer.

This week...sigh...

Sleep Deprivation...is no fun. Tough going this morning. At least I think I've figured out what is making it difficult for John to sleep easily. Separation anxiety. Last night, he was laying right next to me. He kept drifting off, only to wake himself and frantically lift his head looking for me. Each time I had to whisper to him, touch his cheek, take his hand and he would settle back down, only to repeat that pattern as he drifted off again and feared I would leave his side. It took him a long time (really long time) to finally give in to his exhaustion.

Living the Liturgy...Our Lady of the Rosary this week. I hope to post about the stunning Rosary handmade by this dear lady. Do check out her shop, she's got a beautiful giveaway this week.

In the schoolroom...we'll just keep plugging along. Despite my fuzzy brain, we are managing to keep on track.

Around the house...Uh oh, you know what I'm going to say...yup, laundry. Lots.

I am reading...*still* have to finish the Solanus Casey book. I do actually like it, but I got distracted by Hunger Games. (Where's the embarrassed emoticon?)

Picture Thought...
Anna at Tae Kwan Do. I know, scary thought.


Ruth said...

Awesome picture! Thanks for the link to my blog :-)

cyj said...

Great picture, way to go Anna!

Lilly said...

Anna kicks everyone's butt B~D