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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Right now...I am sitting in a comfy chair in Dave's office at home working on a laptop. John is snuggled in my lap.

Very soon...I've got one load of laundry to fold and then it is bedtime.

I can hear...Lilly watching Poltergeist {{shudder}}.

I am wondering...why Anna gets so entrenched in her little routines. No matter how many times I tell her to use the bathroom before we leave for Church, it is just not a normal Sunday unless she uses the bathroom at Church within 30 seconds of walking into the building. And if not then at some point during Mass...she just.must.visit.that.bathroom.

From the kitchen...tonight was my very simple version of a chicken milanese with buttered corn (because Kay begged for it) and doctored up leftover Chinese rice (some chopped scallions, peas, smidgen of olive oil warmed up in the skillet). Carmen and I are craving roasted beets so I'll have to be sure to make some this week.

From the schoolroom...I just gave up on my "starting early" plan this week. We will start Monday, gently. I think my planned routine will work, we just have to all start on the same foot at the same time. Google calendar is my friend, except when it scares me because there is so much stuff on it. But I *will* faithfully keep using it.

Liturgy...haven't got a plan for this week. Sigh.

Back to the grind...Past next week, we are in full activity swing. Still waiting to hear about the soccer schedule with Carmen's new coach (not me, almost was, maybe next year). Staying calm. And we'll be adding in Tae Kwan Do for Anna and ballet for Kay. Yeah. And oh, Spanish for Maddy, choir for Lilly...I'd better stop.

John...likes to pull my hair (and sometimes eat it), all the time, including at 3 am, when he finds it very amusing. Time to get it cut...short.
In better news, I got him to eat scrambled eggs and he loved it.

Praying...still keeping mind grieving families and begging for lots of wisdom and grace for the upcoming school year.

One of my favorite things and my picture thought...well, if I could find a picture. I love Julia Child, especially a series she did with Jacques Pepin. One of my favorite things they made was this amazing platter of a composed Ni├žoise salad. It was heaped with olives, green peppers, red onions, boiled eggs, green beans, tuna (packed on olive oil) and tomatoes. All beautifully arranged and simply dressed with a vinagrette. The ease and elegance with which they put the plate together is so soul satisfying and mouth watering, I could watch it over and over. Besides, there is something wonderful about watching these 2 masters, clearly good friends, enjoying each other's company and creating wonderful food.

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