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Monday, June 01, 2009

Daybook: Is it Really June Already?!

Outside my window...a beautiful day.

I am hearing...Kay laughing in the front room, Anna sneaking more Cheerios. I do not hear Aggie, generally not a good thing.

I am thinking...I must fight the urge to move bookcases, though I have almost convinced Dave that it is a good idea, or at least it would make me really happy and make me feel better about how we use the schoolroom.

From the school room...nothing unusual, just making sure we keep up the routine. Kay has been so eager and attentive lately, makes me very happy.

Living the Liturgy...(we did do a small lesson on Pentecost) hmmm, nothing big planned, perhaps we'll keep with the Holy Spirit theme and work on cultivating the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Around the house...those bookcases are calling my name...must resist.

From the kitchen...red beans and rice, though I'm really craving risotto in a crazy way (with fresh peas, maybe a little mint, Mmmmmm).

I am hoping...to move bookcases. Just kidding. Actually I'm hoping to get to the grocery store early enough to not make me feel too frazzled to get Anna to soccer practice (on time).

I am thankful...for my nephew! Happy Birthday Antonio! We love you and miss you. And for my sister. Sisters are awesome! Happy Birthday tomorrow Claudia!

I am reading...Dandelion Wine. I've decided that I should set the example and read some of the great books right along with the children as part of our home version of a summer reading program. Can you believe I have not read this, ever?

One of my favorite things...Watching Aggie play at the pool.

A few plans for the rest of the week...move some bookcases (enough already), last week of soccer (a slightly guilty hooray), pool (can't be avoided), strawberry picking (can hardly wait) and maybe some bowling. Did say something above about sticking to a routine for school?

A picture thought I'm sharing...

Shhh, I stole it from my sister's blog. Hope she doesn't mind me showing off my adorable nephew. Happy Birthday! Can't believe you're two!

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