Look Around

Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. Laundry. Lots.

2. I went to the pool with all the children. I'm hoping the frantic pace of keeping track of a 5 yo, 2yo and keeping a baby happy will help me lose a few pounds this summer since it doesn't look like I'm going to actually get to swim in the water any time soon. That said, I do love the pool and so do the kids. This summer I'm keenly aware of the witness to life, faith and family we are when we show up. I intend to make the best of it. Asking the Holy Spirit to equip me well on Sunday.

3. Aggie used her potty 3 times yesterday. However, this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, so it is success one day at a time.


ViolinMama said...

Many Kudos to you!!!! Awesome, and God Bless!!!

I'm praying for ya!

Tracy said...

Way to witness!

Good job Aggie!

Jessica said...

I was just thinking of potty training this morning... wondering how soon we will be there with my almost 2 year old. It is a lot of work! Sounds like Aggie is doing great!