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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Real Food

I didn't intend to write a formal review of Nina Planck's book, Real Food for Mother and Baby, but some things really struck me and I want to both record them to keep them fresh in my mind and share them.

1. The passion with which she writes about breast milk as the absolute perfect food for babies is awesome.

2. I love how she writes. I can "hear" her voice as I read and it feels like I'm conversing with a friend about some of my favorite topics, babies and food.

3. I think what she rights about the delivery of her son by an unexpected c-section could be very healing for so many women who have faced the same thing. For myself, this last pregnancy was the most monitored, intervened in pregnancy I have ever had. I too came to terms with it with the knowledge that I received the best care I could have hoped for. In the end, I was healthy and John is thriving.

4. She is meticulous and exhaustive in her research. This causes me to think very hard about her conclusions and the decisions they've lead her to in her life.

5. Eat more fish!

6. Real food is delicious and simple to prepare. Her advice on cooking vegetables (with a fat and 1 or 2 other flavorings) is the best "formula" I have seen.

7. We are "carry mammals". You'll have to read the book to learn what that means. I thought this whole description was so funny, but so true.

8. I totally get when she talks about being a "lazy" mom when it came to feeding her son solids. Oh, you'll need to read the book to get that one too. Let's just say I get it because it is so me.

9. And because I think Nina would like if I said it again, eat more fish!

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