Look Around

Thursday, April 30, 2009


1. We survived two very hot days without air-conditioning. As fate would have it, the very next day after getting it fixed, the temps outside dropped nearly thirty degrees. Ah yes, spring in suburban D.C.

2. I successfully convinced a medical service provider that they were double charging me because my FSA had already paid the patient balance due. A "zero payment due" letter is on the way. This took several phone calls and (very) long times on hold while keeping 8 children quiet enough to explain the problem.

3. I am remaining calm about the swine flu.


ViolinMama said...

AWESOME!!!! What a great list. Thanks for sharing your calm. I haven't given #3 another thought aside from handwashing. We're in God's hands! Enjoy the cooler weather!

Andres and Julia Stell said...

we are more or less calm on the swine flu as well. believe me, i do have paranoid moments, and was about to dial the pediatrician. but i hung up before it started ringing.

Rebecca said...

Totally with you on the swine flu. Remaining calm, but trying not to read the news too much. Love the blog, btw!