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Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Little Man

Can it be four months already? I can't remember life without him. Last week he went to the doctor. He had a great month of weight gain. But I admit I was once again resentful as she asked me about milestones. Does he bring his hands together? No. He's smiling here and there. He coos, just a little bit. Does he reach for things? No. He doesn't seem to turn his head when I say his name. I was anxious about vaccinations.

And then this week, he started coming alive in all sorts of ways. Just a few days after telling the doctor he wasn't bringing his hands together at all, he started doing it all the time. He smiled and giggled and talked to us all week long. He followed me with his little blue eyes all around the room this afternoon. He turned when Dave called his name.

What perfect joy!


Room4mre said...

I am so happy your little boy had a great week. I always hated those milestone questions.

Aubrey G. said...

Yay! Praise the Lord! :) Aubrey Goodwin