Look Around

Thursday, April 09, 2009


1. We've schooled this week and I kept my promise of actually working and drawing the same lesson along with the kids.

2. I've had two wonderful, important conversations with my teens about God's plan for marriage as it relates to the issue of gay marriage. It dawned on me in a whole new grace-filled way why home schooling is such a tremendous blessing in our life. They were with me to have these conversations. They are so very grounded in their Catholic faith. And I know exactly what they are hearing and learning about.

3. Agnes talks and talks and talks. All the time. We love it and think she is the most brilliant two year old ever.


EChristyBA said...

Marisa- good for you for tackling that difficult subject with your teens. And, I'm sorry, but the most brilliant two-year-old ever is named Joe-Joe.... unless of course Agnes never throws tantrums, which might put her just a tiny bit over Joe....
Have a Blessed Easter!

ViolinMama said...

Wow on having such a great talk with your teens. That is pretty amazing and hard to do! Bless you and amazing how God reveals why we do what we do....a lightbulb moment! Have a blessed Easter!!!

Andres and Julia Stell said...

another reason pushing us closer to homeschooling. thanks for sharing. you should be so proud of maddy and lilly, they are developing into such wonderful, kind, and good young women. i loved seeing how much they've grown, in every sense of the word. (sniffle)