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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras

The day started with an improvised King Cake that actually turned out quite well. I was hoping to buy one on Monday, but when I saw them for $12 at Wegman's (and much smaller, I would need two) I wasn't willing to spend the money, so I grabbed two cans of cinnamon rolls and told the kids we would pretend to have King Cake. Later in the day, I actually read the Catholic Cuisine post and thanked the Holy Spirit for the nudge to buy the cinnamon rolls. I even had the sugar sprinkles already in my pantry. I think this will be the new tradition for Mardi Gras breakfast.

Later in the day, we painted letters. "Mantel letters" is something I have been longing to do. Lacking a mantel, I never got to it because I wasn't sure where I could place them so they would truly impact us throughout the day. Then I realized that the corner display cabinet in the kitchen/dining room where I already moved some seasonal displays through would work perfectly. The children and I got to work. We decided that we would have the word REPENT (in purple, of course) as the overall theme through Lent. The small red letters spell out CHARITY, the first virtue we will work on as a family in the beginning of Lent (there's been a lot of um...disagreements amongst the kids lately). The gold letters are the ALLELUIA which we will hide away today. As we worked on all these I was surprised how much Maddy seemed to enjoy it and looks forward to the finished product. This morning I realized why. She is one of my most visual children. She is my aspiring photographer who constantly frames scenes and images in her mind. The bold, bright letters capture her attention and help her to focus inward. So I pray that they will do the same for all our family as we begin this holy season of Lent. More pictures later of the display.

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Tina said...

I've been wanting to do mantel letters, too, for a while. We were in Joann Fabrics this past Friday, and I stood in front of the wooden letters and just could not decide what to use for Lent. I knew what to use for the Easter season, but Lent has so many words that apply. So I walked away with nothing. Thanks for posting this....REPENT is exactly what I was looking for. Back to Joann's we go! (love the teacher's discount there!)