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Monday, February 23, 2009

Don't Forget the Buns

Lest you think something inappropriate is afoot here, let me explain.

I made a detailed shopping list, with everything for my meal plans. The children requested burgers tonight. I had written bread on my list because I "knew" that it meant to buy hamburger buns as well as regular old white bread (I know, not very whole foods and all that, but let me continue).

As we shopped for produce I told a woman my baby was two weeks old instead of two months old and witnessed her very confused look when I had to correct myself. I was so flustered I nearly blurted out, "I swear, he really is mine. I just can't forget the buns."

We swept through the bread aisle after nearly filling the cart with wonderful fresh produce. Perhaps it was the heady scent of the pineapple wafting up from the cart, because I grabbed the white bread, but no buns.

I realized my mistake once we were moving into dairy. Okay, I told myself, don't forget the buns. Mind you, I was working my way through the store with an infant in a sling, who I even managed to nurse ever so discreetly. While walking, no less! And I was trying to direct an 8 and 10 year old in helping grab what we needed and keep them from flattening some hapless shopper with very full cart. I kept remembering those missing buns. "Don't forget the buns, don't forget the buns." It was like a mantra through the whole store...two hours in that store.

I am now home from the store.

Are there hamburger buns in my pantry right now? No. Neither is there tortillas and trash bags. Or diet soda for Dave.

And now you all know why I will be purchasing this odd assortment of items at the store tomorrow. Minus the hamburger buns because plain old slices of white bread will have to suffice tonight. Eddie Murphy would be proud. (Warning-some slight profanity)

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Banana said...

I came home from the store this afternoon, and was going to blog about how I had forgotten to buy cough drops. (I didn't put them on the list because I knew I wouldn't forget.)But then I thought, who would want to read that? When I read your blog I was laughing out loud! Good to know I'm not alone. :)