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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's At Stake

I've never intended to be a single issue voter, and I do have my own concerns about voting for McCain.

The reality is, I live in a battleground state. My vote really does matter this year.

This Sunday at Mass, in a very powerful homily, father brought up the image of the early Christian martyrs asked to sprinkle incense into the fire and worship false gods. It jarred me. Many of my concerns with McCain were issues about how it would affect me and my family. I don't want our health benefits taxed. I don't want a tax credit to go directly to the insurance companies. And there are other issues. Most beginning with "I". And so I asked myself on Sunday, were these issues that incense I was being asked to sprinkle? Am I willing to submit myself to a little martyrdom to stand against these false gods, against the most radically pro-abortion candidate our country has ever seen?

I post this video (don't worry, nothing gory) because it makes clear to me the attitudes and beliefs we are fighting against, what is at stake, why this year, the least of these innocent children matter more than ever. Why this year I will proudly be a single issue voter.

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