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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We did get to apple picking. Hooray! It was the perfect fall day, and the orchard where we picked is a photographer's paradise of mountain views.

I made perhaps the most delicious apple crisp I have ever cooked. The recipe is from old reliable, Joy of Cooking. I have an older copy bought years ago that is literally in pieces, in fact I 'm sure it is missing pages from the quick bread section. But I keep it because it has (in my opinion) the best recipe for apple pie ever. The crust is perfect and the apples are spiced so simply that a sweet-tart apple flavor is the star of the show. I do have the newest edition and I love it just as much since they added back in so much good reference information that existed in the really old edition (as in bought at the used bookstore) I used to own.

Hmmm, veered off into cookbooks. Well, I love cookbooks. And my husband threatened to leave me once if I bought one more Moosewood cookbook. But truly, I must admit, the internet is the most amazing, complete cookbook ever.

So in the spirit of cooking, do hop over to Catholic Cuisine. It just full of delicious liturgical foods and recipes.

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