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Friday, July 11, 2008

Rejoice in the Holy Spirit!

Yes, I am crazy.

Today was the last day of Vacation Bible School at our parish.

I taught a class. PreK/K. Seventeen darling children.

There was crying. There was pushing. There was complaining. There was throw up (though not mine, thank God).

I am tired. T.I.R.E.D.

There were also beautiful books shared, a beautiful Church to explore and learn about, lovely pictures colored, sticky, gluey crafts and sweet young hearts very eager to learn about their Catholic faith. There was beautiful singing for parents today, and Christ exposed and adored on the altar. As much as those little bodies wriggled and squirmed, I couldn't help but feel my eyes well up with tears at the joy of it all. What a delight and a treasure to bring before Our Lord, those innocent souls, full of exuberance , full of faith.

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